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Welcome to Therapy Brothers. Brannon and Tyler Patrick here. We are a couple of brothers that both decided to go down the road of therapy following after our own passion. We've been in the specialty of sexual addiction recovery and betrayal trauma healing over 15 years. We've finally come together, as brothers, to create a place where we help people with these same issues that we've helped others with. 

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We're not perfect but we can say we are trying to do our best to help people get out of the pit of addiction and trauma and into a place of Joy, Peace, Power, Freedom and Love. It's totally possible. We've seen it happen countless times. We may not have walked the exact path as you, but we have been down a road that probably looks similar. Regardless, come walk the path with a couple of brothers.

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From Those Feeling The Love:

"Highly recommended!"

"I am a therapist that works with a similar demographic. I LOVE his approach to couples and sexuality and addictions. It has helped me personally and I will definitely be using it professionally. Honestly, I kind of just want to hang out with him and talk. Such amazing ideas and wisdom!!"

- E from Idaho

"Overcome my problems"

"I have many issues that I am working with a therapist since October. There is childhood issues that has led me to my infidelities with my marriage. Brannon has helped me learn many things but BOUNDARIES are something I’ve never had and still learning how to work. Thanks for all the work and the content provided for people like me! Charge On!"

- Tommy-FL


"I’ll admit I was a little skeptical at first, because I didn’t think I’d get much out of it. I was wrong. Even areas I didn’t think I needed help I improved my mind frame due to all the great nuggets of wisdom that Brannon and his guests have cultivated. Brannon has a real way of directly talking to you and actually making you excited and hopeful about change. I’m sold."

- danwundo

The Patrick Brothers

Brannon Patrick, LSCW

"The Expert"

Hi, I'm Brannon, a dynamic leader in the relationship recovery community. I have a passion for repairing broken relationships. I have developed several programs for addiction recovery and betrayal. I love helping couples find hope and healing.

Tyler Patrick, LMFT

"The Wandering Therapist"

Hi, I'm Tyler. I have a passion for helping men overcome their sexual addictions, guiding them to WHOLEHEARTED living. I love seeing others change into the people God designed to become.

Growing Up Together

We grew up in a family of 5 siblings and an awesome Mom and Dad in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. We had everything a couple of American boys could ask for, a great neighborhood, tons of friends, and the best family. 

Growing up together, we always had fun doings like watching He-Man, wrecking the fridge, and pranking the neighbors. Our Mom and Dad taught us as best they could with all the energy that we had. We were constantly getting into trouble and finding ways to have fun.

Tyler, Brannon, and Rex Patrick as kids dressed in soccer uniforms ready for action!

Tyler, Brannon, and Rex in the front yard of the house on Filmore Street.

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Our Projects and Resources

Brannon is the home base for Brannon's courses and resources for helping men and women work through the pain and struggle of broken relationships.

Therapy UTAH is a practice for helping men and women overcome their sexual addictions and find healing from betrayal trauma through meaningful work with the best therapists. 

Brannon's is the Expert on the podcast "The Betrayed, The Addicted, & The Expert". With his Co-hosts, Koby and Ashlynn, they focus on helping couples navigate the most difficult parts of sexual addictions and betrayal trauma. 


Love Strong Logo

Love Strong is a christian organization designed to get to core of living the best type of life, A WHOLEHEARTED Life of connection to God, Self, and Others. Love Strong focuses on therapeutic principles mixed with immersive retreats, courses, and coaching to overcome addiction and heal from past traumas.

Tyler spends so much of his time out in nature, he's been dubbed "The Wandering Therapist". He created The Wandering Therapist Sessions as an outlet to share some of the pressing thoughts and feelings from his week as a therapist and to help others who are struggling with difficult emotional terrain of their own.

On The WHOLEHEARTED Podcast, Tyler and his co-host, Chase, share stories and principles of WHOLEHEARTED living. They invite engerizing guests to come onto the show who are great examples of the Love Strong core principles. 

Podcast Guest FAQ's

When Does The Podcast Air?

The Therapy Brothers Podcasts is recorded every Friday Morning @9AM MST through a private zoom meeting with Brannon and Tyler.  

The podcast is made available to the public Monday morning @8AM MST through all major podcast services including Apple Podcasts and Spotify Podcasts. We also publish videos of the podcast to Brannon Patrick's Facebook Page and the Love Strong YouTube Channel.

Occasionally, we like to make the podcast available through Facebook Live or YouTube Live. We've gotten great feedback from the supporters there who have found this to be uplifting and encouraging for their own lives.

How Long Will I Get To Talk With The Patrick Brothers?

We target our episodes to be 30-45 minutes long. After The Patrick Brothers welcome everyone to the show, you will be greeted and invited to ask your questions and share any pertinent background information. You are welcome to stay on and discuss back and forth until the end of the show or until your questions have all been answered.

You are welcome to come on the show as many times as you would like, if we have the availability. We will try to cycle in new callers as the show continues to grow.

We're looking forward to getting to know you and help you with the problems that you're facing!

Will My Call Be Public? How Do I Retain My Anonymity?

The Therapy Brothers Podcast is publicly broadcasted.  The Patrick Brothers will only use the first names you provide them with. If anonymity is a major concern,  you might consider:

  • Using an alias when sharing your name
  • Turning off your video when in the zoom meeting
  • Using a voice modifier app like "Voicemod"
  • Submitting questions instead of calling into the podcast

We will not release any information given other than the first name you provide us with and the recording of our podcast through our channels.

What Are The Podcast Guidelines / Etiquette?

Please be prepared with a well-formed question and any relevant information that could help The Patrick Brothers understand the scope of your situation.

Is This Podcast Considered Therapy?

The Therapy Brothers Podcast is not considered therapy. While the show is hosted by 2 licensed (State of Utah) therapist, we consider the information shared to be be consulting/advice. 

However, the information shared is given thoughtfully from the Patrick Brothers as they have both been in the fields of sexual addiction recovery and betrayal trauma healing with families, individuals, and couples for over 30 years of combined experience. 

If I Call In, Do I Need To Use A Headset?

While not vital, it is strongly recommended. The quality of your call/audio makes it easier to communicate with you with as great a clarity as possible. 

How Many Questions Can I Ask?

We encourage you to have 1-3 questions written down or defined that we can talk about together. Usually we like to have a deeper discussion about the themes your questions are based on and that fills the time together with some really valuable and meaningful information.

If you have more questions by the end of our time together, you're welcome to schedule another time with us or submit your questions to us through email at [email protected]

How Do We Meet Together?

After signing up through our online calendar/scheduler, you'll be sent a confirmation with Zoom meeting details for our scheduled time together. All you need to do on the day of is click the zoom link in the email at your scheduled time. You'll be put in a Zoom "waiting room" where we will admit you and talk for a moment before the podcast starts. 

What If I Need To Cancel?

Let us know as soon as possible at [email protected] and we'll get your appointment cancelled for others to sign up for. If you would like to reschedule, just come back to our calendar and sign up again.

What Do I Do If There Aren't Anymore Openings?

The call in list is first come - first serve. If you can't get an appointment, contact us directly and we'll see if we can make something else work for you: [email protected]