Cedar Point Counseling

Has Merged With 

Love Strong

Tyler Patrick LMFT has merged his Cedar Point Counseling practice, resources and energy to his new project, Love Strong. He is the clinical director of Love Strong where we offer nearly identical services such as Sexual Addiction Recovery, Betrayal Trauma Healing, Marriage Counseling. We are adding new services, onboarding more skilled therapists and offering free helpful content via Our Podcasts and YouTube Channel. You can learn more about us here.

If a friend referred you to Cedar Point Counseling in Logan, Utah, you will still be able to get the same quality therapy experience working with us. We offer therapy that will help you to reclaim your heart and recover your life. 

*P.S. Our office location has not changed, just the name on the building and the energy inside of it!

Being Encouraged In The Process Is Vital

My wife and I have received counseling from Tyler for several years. We have worked individually, as a couple, and in group therapy. We have been able to make huge strides individually and as a couple. Tyler teaches, guides, understands, and encouragers. Much of the work is our own to do, but knowing what to do, and being encouraged in the process is vital. We have worked with other counselors over our 30+ years of marriage. My wife says she had never felt so understood as she has been with Tyler. He is down to earth, real, and passionate about what he is doing. My wife and I are still married and working at our relationship today due in no small way to the help we received from Tyler!

Jon Bartholomew Client

I Am A Better Man

Tyler’s laid back vibe and clear concern for me as a person instantly made me feel comfortable, which is huge when you’re contemplating whether or not to share your secrets with a total stranger. He provided me with the education, tools, and strategies that have helped me understand and manage my emotional issues that were the underlying causes of my addictions. I have benefited immensely from the one on one as well as group therapy sessions with Tyler. He is a great teacher and guide and I can say without a doubt that I am a better man because of his help.

Bob Woodbury Former Client

An Innate Ability To See People As People

I have worked with Tyler as one of his clients for 4 years. Ever since the first conversation I had with him on the phone, I knew he would be a good fit for me. He was down to earth, sincere, and didn't presume that he had the answers; he was there to listen and understand first. This had a deep impression on me when what he did have to share and teach me was extremely applicable and real. Tyler seems to have an innate ability to see people as people. He has a wise yet unpretentious presence that puts me at ease as a client. He has helped me learn to normalize my experiences with addiction and reorient my perspective on what is commonly held to be wrong or taboo, thereby approaching recovery from a compassionate and scientific way. These lessons on mindfulness and moving away from black/white thinking are among the greatest exercises I've learned (and am learning) from Tyler. I have met with 4 other therapists. Tyler's candor, humility, respect and insight are what set him apart.

Anonymous Client

We Know You Can Do This

It's time for a sunrise in your life

If you're ready to start over, we can help make this time different. Sobriety is only a small piece of the puzzle. We focus our efforts and getting to the root of addiction and cutting it out while replacing with good. We'll guide you through the steps to real change and it can last a lifetime if done right! 

The Love Strong Office

The place for your in-person appointments.

40 W Cache Valley Blvd, Suite 3C, Logan, Utah 84341

(We're across the street from Sam's club)

Office Hours: 10 pm - 5 pm MST Mon-Thur

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The Wandering Therapist Web Course

We've been in the field of real and lasting change for over 15 years. We've taken the most effective battle-tested principles and composed them into web courses. These courses are for those ready to start down the road to recovery or for those who come to find healing from their wounds.